You can take part in the competition for free in teams of 1-3 persons.

Digital and film cameras

Photos taken with digital or 35mm film cameras, compact and SLR cameras are accepted. Digital photos will be copied off your memory card, so be sure it is easily removable. Also mobile phone cameras are accepted if photos are in a right order on a removable micro SD card.

If you use film, bring your own color or monochrome film. Slide film is accepted as well if you have paid the development of slide film at Fotoyks etc.

Schedule and duration

Fotomaraton starts on the competition day at 17:00. The competition office is at Domus Academica, Hietaniemenkatu 14 A basement. The competition ends at 23:00. Contestants need to have arrived at the office at this time. Late arrivals will be disqualified. The duration is 6 hours.

Photo assignments

The photo assignments will be handed out during the competition in sets of 4 assignments every 2 hours (at 17:00, 19:00, and 21:00). The total number of assignments is 12. All assignments will also be published on the website. This way contestants are free to move around the Night of the Arts.

The assignments can be interpreted freely and fulfilled any way the contestants deem best.

You have to take the photos related to assignments in the given order. A film can include only 12 photos and from a memory card we download 12 last photos, so make sure you have removed possible extra photos you’ve taken.

Participants are not allowed to manipulate photos in order to adjust color balance, to sharpen or to make any tricks which are not possible with the camera only.


The photos will be rated by a 2-4 person jury appointed by Ylioppilaskamerat. No points are given for the time taken to fulfill the assignments. For the photos to be eligible, the contestant(s) need to arrive at the competition office at or before 23:00 and hand over the photos to the organizers.

The best photo set and possibly also single photos will be awarded.

Photo rights

The photographer retains all rights to the photos. Ylioppilaskamerat reserves the right of royalty-free publication of the photos in contexts related to the Fotomaraton competition.