What is Fotomaraton?

Fotomaraton is a fun photography competition and good exercise for everyone with a vision. Competitors take 12 photos, one for each assignment, during 6 hours. The competition takes place on the day of Night of the Arts in Helsinki, so there’s sure to be a lot of commotion in the center!

Ylioppilaskamerat, the students’ photography association at the University of Helsinki, organizes the competition and thanks for your support.


The competition office is at Domus Academica (Hietaniemenkatu 14 A basement) in the center of Helsinki, Kamppi.


The competition starts at 17:00. You can enroll in the competition at any time during the 6 hours.

The assignments will be handed out in sets of 4 with 2-hour intervals. All assignments will be published on these pages (at 17:00, 19:00, and 21:00). This way you can start the competition wherever you are and get around the Night of the Arts freely.


You can take photos with your digital camera (pocket size or SLR) or a 35mm film camera. Slide film is also accepted.

The photos will be copied off a memory card, so be sure it is easily removable.


Zero euros

Measure of success

The photos will be rated as a set and separately. The best ones are often not those which are of best technical quality (although some standard is expected) but those which excel with originality and vision or tell a compelling story.

Frequently asked questions:

When does the competition office open?

We will open at 16:45.

How are the photos handed over from a memory card?

Contestants are asked to have only the 12 (at max) photos on the memory card at the time of finishing the competition. This way the photo transfer process is straightforward. If other photos are present on the memory card, please arrive early to allow time for the photo transfer process.

How to pay the entry fee?

No payment is needed.

Do the contestants have to be present at the office for new assignments at 17, 19 and 21?

The given times indicate when the assignments are made available both on this website and at the competition office. The assignments can be obtained any time after publication.


Further questions? Email info [at] ylioppilaskamerat.fi.

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